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Patrick Stark Settles Inverse Condemnation Case for $450,000 Plus the Client Kept his Property

In a case involving the California Department of Transportation and a large construction contractor, relating to the 52 Freeway extension, Patrick Stark was able to take on a case which other attorneys had dropped and run from.  Cal Trans had attempted to save money by deciding against taking a client’s property through the eminent domain process.  Instead, they designed and constructed the 52 freeway extension virtually on top of our client’s property.  The client had to endure years of construction within 10 feet of his home/work and literally had construction debris and equipment ending up on his property on multiple occasions.  At the end, the client was left living next to a 55-foot vertical wall.  After obtaining counsel and beginning the process of litigating the matter, several attorneys simply dropped the case, apparently being unable to handle the strong defense put up by Cal Trans and the construction contractor.  Finally, the client sought out Stark & D’Ambrosio, LLP for help.  Attorney Patrick Stark took on the case and after about one year was able to negotiate a large settlement which also allowed the client to keep his property.