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George Rios Successfully Defends Writ of Attachment

George A. Rios III, representing tenants who are being sued based upon defaulting on their commercial lease was successful in defending and denying a writ of attachment against all of the individuals assets which was brought by a large Landlord and their attorneys.  George was quoted as saying: “The evidence presented was legally insufficient to prove the Landlord was entitled to such an extreme remedy.  I really feel for these two clients who are just a mom and pop type business who were, in my opinion, run over by this large landlord.”  The case is still pending and we are hoping the Landlord will actually mitigate their damages by attempting to re-rent the small premises.  George also states that: “This is just another reason when renting a commercial property, you should always start fresh with a new lease, and never just sign an amendment to an existing lease.  Landlords are pushing these amendments to existing leases as opposed to providing new leases.”