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At the Law Offices of Stark & D’Ambrosio, our attorneys have over 50 years of combined litigation experience, helping clients navigate and win complex cases. Our boutique law firm is committed to providing high quality legal services and guidance, tailored to meet your individual legal needs. Our team of San Diego attorneys will help you address your case promptly and professionally. The clients of Stark & D’Ambrosio are confident that we will meet their objectives in a cost-efficient manner, using our knowledge of law and regulations to develop creative solutions to even the most complex issues. We look forward to assisting with your case. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation on your matter. Feel Free to Contact us for a Free Telephone Consultation. 501 W. Broadway, Suite 960 San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 338-9500.

Latest News

James D’Ambrosio hired to defend an international corporation based out of California. He obtained a defense verdict on a case brought by a Plaintiff alleging gross negligence stemming from a accident in one of the company’s facilities.  Please see the link attached for more details.  Way to go Jay! James D’Ambrosio Successfully Defends 1.9 Million Dollar Lawsuit.


George A. Rios III, representing tenants who are being sued based upon defaulting on their commercial lease was successful in defending and denying a writ of attachment against all of the individuals assets which was brought by a large Landlord and their attorneys.  George was quoted as saying: “The evidence presented was legally insufficient to […]


Anna Romanskaya won election to the San Diego County Bar Associations Board of Directors.  She starts her three year term in January of 2016.  Congratulations Anna!